Remote Android Debugging

July 14, 2012

If you’re developing for Android you know the pain of the change-compile-run cycle when using the emulator. Although the emulator itself starts quite quickly (especially if you use snapshots), it takes some time for the compiled application to be installed on it. For that reason I prefer using Android x86 running inside a VirtualBox virtual machine — apps install instantly and run much faster.

However, the x86 version of Android is not perfect and sooner or later you’d better test your app on real devices. In such scenario there’s just a little quirk that bothers me greatly — the necessity to use a USB cable for debugging — it gets really cumbersome to both develop and test the app at the same time with the cable getting in the way of using the device comfortably.

It was not until very recently that I thought that it might be possible to use adb via Wi-Fi instead of USB connection. And guess what — of course it’s possible and there are already apps that facilitate this. For me, adbWireless works great.