Shaping InstaFetch - Source Code Repository Visualization

July 14, 2012

In an NDC 2012 talk, titled "How to get productive in a project in 24h" (highly recommended by the way), Greg Young was talking about data mining your source code repository (among other things) and showed a brilliant visualization of the jQuery repository.

Turns out one can create such visualizations in a matter of minutes using this little open-source utility called Gource. When I found out, I immediately run the tool on some of my pet projects repositories and it was a great fun.

I thought I'd share a video showing how InstaFetch (an Instapaper client for Android I've been developing since 2010) has been taking shape:

Though it has been a bit sentimental peek at the past for me, the ending is rather saddening, since Marco Arment (the author of Instapaper) has recently decided to publish an official app for Android, effectively ending the life of InstaFetch :/

Anyway, if you have software projects of your own, I encourage you to play with Gource for a while. I myself can't wait to run it on repositories at my workplace.